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Vision: You got most of the details there. And it came out Death Note anime as you visioned. It goes perfectly with the dinner scene in BFMV. Timmy was supposed to wear his goth clothes in here, but I'm letting that slide. ;)

Originality: Well... it's Death Note style. But it was drawn with differentness with the colors and choice of cartoon. I love FOP in anime form!

Technique: I like the eyes. I can see the lines in them like an actual eye. There might be some lines in there that shouldn't exist, but it makes it look manga.

Impact: It's overall a great work of art! You could use a little more practice with fingers, but that's all. It's the emotion and capturing of the moment that coints. =) I love the transparency it has on my computer.
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Hoboist Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much! ^^ I wish I would have gotten all the details down perfectly, but I can live with how this came out xD

Yes, I do need work on hands. xD I hate them so so much!! Why can't we have flippers? Much easier o draw, but harder to draw with. orz

I'm very glad you like it, and I'm proud of myself for conveying Takeshi Obata's style noticeably. He is my idol, I strive to draw like him!
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